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The JSR Group has grown into a global creative management and content production agency seeking to meet the increased demand for moving and still imagery.

Here is what we can offer…..

Strategy / Creative Planning

We can help you to get the most out of your campaign through exceptional industry knowledge and expert strategic guidance. We have the unique ability to tap into a huge roster of incredible artists and creatives who understand the possibilities of branded digital campaigns. From initial concept through to the final delivery, we ensure every project stays true to your brand values and delivers on your objectives.

Influencer Collaboration

We work with social influencers across online communities who will ensure you are creating impact in the right places through share-worthy content.


Our roots as a photographer’s agent means we can handle any scale production, whatever the size. We take care of the details, we handle every element of a shoot so you can focus on the bigger picture

Leading Artists

We represent photographers, illustrators, animators, CGI artists and film makers who are the top of their game and we work with them to produce unique and outstanding content for your campaign.

We are the perfect partners to produce content that engages with a variety of audiences and helps create a compelling narrative for your brand.